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Our church is more than just Sunday prayers. We have different events and groups that learn throughout the year.

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Tom Barratt, Carmen Atkinson, James de Bussy, James Pickard and Jack Hartley.
The confirmation was held jointly with St Robert’s Pannal with Tony, the Bishop of Wakefield officiating.

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Doughnut Church is our new free initiative at St John's Primary School which is starting on Mondays after school at the beginning of June. There will be Games, Crafts, Music, Drama and of course...Doughnuts! If your child attends St John's school and would like to join in then please contact Revd Garry, email



What is confirmation?

Confirmation is a safe space for our youth (year 5 and up) to ask tough questions, to wrestle with their faith and to have fun learning about God together. It’s a step in a life-long journey of pursuing the heights, depths, and breadth of God’s love!

What should I expect?

You should expect to have fun while growing in faith. We will cover a wide variety of topics including:

My story and why am I here?
Where is God in the world?

Questions I’ve always wanted to ask?
How to pray.

In preparation for confirmation, the clergy will hold 2 preparation meetings

(Due to good practice and safeguarding there will always be two DBS checked church leaders present)

Adults are also welcome to be confirmed, please speak to a member of the Clergy for more information.

If you are interested in being confirmed please email with your name and we'll get back to you.



Alpha is aimed at anybody who wants to find out more about faith and  Christianity and who want to ask some of the big questions of life. Each week we start with a meal together  and then watch a film or listen to a talk and then in small groups discuss what we’ve learnt and most importantly ask questions. No question is too big or too small. You learn a lot on Alpha but it’s also great fun and our participants last year gave some lovely feedback on how much they had enjoyed it and delighted that a number of people who came to alpha went on to be confirmed into the family of the church.

To register your interest in alpha please e-mail us at with your name and we will be in contact you. 

And if you want to find out more please contact Revd Garry or Revd Lisa or Revd Stroma and we’d be delighted to tell you a little bit more.



Watch this video to learn more about the Bible. Download and watch using link below.

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I would love to share my NEW BLOG site with you all and I am really hoping that its long-awaited launch will mean that people will enjoy it all the more. 
I also hope it inspires me to write more frequently again now I have my own space to share. 

If you would like to take a look, please follow the link below. It has been a long time in the making, and I am very excited about it. 

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We are setting up house groups across the parish where we can develop friendships and study the Bible and pray in more depth.

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Every term for one whole week, the children of St John’s Church of England Primary School come and take over the church for their Sanctuary Week.
It’s an opportunity for them to recognise the power and importance of ‘place’ - they make the ‘pilgrimage’ to the church - and to recognise that it is a unique and space set aside for worship, peace, prayer and sanctuary.
The children engage with interactive boards and displays to share some of their stories and reflections in the safe surrounding of our church. 
The week culminates with a Sunday Family Service in which the children share with their families and our congregation all that they have reflected on and experienced… in so doing they teach and enrich all our lives.

Learning Together: What's Happening
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